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Driving our workplace safety and health (WSH) philosophy is the tagline “Safe work, save lives”. At Boustead Projects, our ongoing job is to maintain an accident–free workplace and safeguard the wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders. We are continuously training our employees through the active execution of health, safety and environmental (HSE) programmes and aiming to upkeep good safety records by developing relevant risk assessment capabilities and implementing them effectively. Good practices of reviewing safety policies and improving safety practices also extend to work carried out by our appointed fabricators and subcontractors.

Our wholly-owned design-and-build subsidiary, Boustead Projects E&C Pte Ltd (BP E&C), is one of only eight bizSAFE Mentors in Singapore and a bizSAFE Star, the highest qualification that can be attained in recognition of a company's WSH management programmes. For 2016, we achieved an accident frequency rate (AFR) of 1.29 incidents per million man–hours worked, lower than the national average of 1.7 in the construction sector for that year. For the past seven years, as part of our role as a bizSAFE Mentor, we have been leading and guiding all of our appointed subcontractors to implement and support good WSH standards at worksites. We also actively promote onsite training seminars and educational workshops with an accredited training provider on a periodic basis, playing an active role in helping subcontractors to achieve higher bizSAFE accreditations. By setting bizSAFE Level 3 certification as a minimum contract requirement level for the appointment of subcontractors, we strive to promote healthier and safer workplaces for all stakeholders. At the same time, we are also guiding existing subcontractors to achieve bizSAFE Star. As at the end of our FY2017, more than 80% of our subcontractors have attained bizSAFE Star.

We continue to actively engage and empower employees and subcontractors through the WSHC Safety Advocate Programme, Innovation & Improvement Incentive Scheme and other implemented programmes to encourage and reward good safety behaviour. Regular engagement with subcontractors is conducted through meetings and site inspections to raise awareness on HSE issues. When safety milestones are reached, our WSH personnel are also promoted. At the end of the day, our safety philosophy is best affirmed when workers say that they feel safe working at one of our worksites.




To date, our efforts in WSH performance in the industry have been recognised with numerous safety–related awards from the WSHC, namely:

  • Five Workplace Safety & Health Performance (Silver) Awards from 2009 to 2018 – in recognition of Boustead Projects’ overall performance in the implementation of sound safety and health management programmes;
  • 11 Safety & Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP) – in recognition of Boustead Projects’ achievement of zero accidents in a specific construction project;
  • Howard How, our Director for Environmental, Health & Safety, was presented with a Workplace Safety & Health Officer Award in 2010 – the top individual honour demonstrating outstanding safety and health performance.

For more information on the WSHC and/or the bizSAFE Programme, please click here.

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